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Shadow Stencil

Pixel-Emitting spray for social interaction and media art

Shadow Stencil

2012 Product Prototyping

Shadow Stencil is a prototype of comprehensive digital interactive tool that aims to promote and give unique experiences of street art. By utilizing the conventional screen instead of a wall and capturing images with the webcam equipped inside, the user is able to freely actuate the strokes and images of the desired view at any instant. 

Illustrator, Photoshop, Solidworks, Arduino, WiiMote, Processing


What if a spray can is digital?

Shadow Stencil is an interaction design concept inspired by graffiti and stencil artworks in the streets. No one should limited by artistic skills. Shadow Stencil means to carry the original concept of street art and attempts to explore a new way of media art by including social photography, street art, and digital painting.

Demo Video


Using Arduino, Processing, Webcam, and Wiimote

When the capture button is pressed, Arduino serial is detected by Processing and the webcam frame is saved. Using Johnny Lee's Wiimote Whiteboard software, infrared LED position is detected by Wiimote and converts to mouse XY position. In another Processing window, the saved frame is loaded under a white canvas.