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TEI 2017, Yokohama Japan

TEI is an annual international SIGCHI conference dedicated to HCI researches on tangible, embedded, and embodied interactions. This year's theme was a Japanese proverb: 温故 知新 — you need to recall the past to understand the future. A variety of tangible interaction researches were presented and demonstrated, both looking back at the past and taking glimpse of the future. The result of Button+ was selected as one of the full paper for demonstration during TEI.

TEI Publication here

University of Washington article here

My teammate, Brian, and I setup the prototype on the designated booth. Many fellow students, professors, and researchers came to see Button+. 


I also traveled to Tokyo.

This was my second time in Tokyo, approximately 1.5 years since my exhibition at Tokyo Design Week. I definitely like Tokyo and its designs. This time, I've had privilege to attend two exhibitions.

First one is "It's Sony", which was a 4-floor exhibitions at a soon-to-be demolished Ginza Sony Building. This exhibition looked back at Sony's past, and also showed Sony's future goals and products.

Second one is "Spectrum", which was an art installation exhibition by Tokujin Yoshioka, a famous Japanese designer/artist. I also took a walk around Roppongi Hill, famous for street furnitures, on a rainy evening. Chair Disappears in the Rain by Tokujin Yoshioka, and Arch by Andrea Branch are two of my favorite street furnitures.