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3D Printing Apple Watch Charging Dock

This design is created by Charles Mangin and is available in Thingiverse. Licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.  

I have been using my Apple Watch-Milanese Strap and I have never quite like the charging experience. The Watch, despite its excellent aesthetics, suffers from severe lack of battery duration, which requires me to charge it almost every day. The metal inductive charger interfered with the magnetic strap. And the charger cable was too long, which created a lot of mess on my table. To be honest, half the time my Watch was out of battery and I was too lazy to find my charger to charge it. 

I needed a charging dock.

In Thingiverse, I found a fun dock design that is very similar to the original Macintosh. So I downloaded, and printed this with an Ultimaker2.

It looks neat. It seems though that the original designer based his design from a Sport Strap, because the left loop of Milanese Strap fits too tight.

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