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Trip to Jeju Island, Korea 2016

3 Days in Jeju Island

I took a short vacation at Jeju Island with my friend. Beautiful scenary and authentic Korean seafood dishes. Visited Nexon Computer Museum, Seoyeon's House (filming location of Architecture 101, a Korean movie), Genius Loci (designed by the famous Ando Tadao ), and coastal outskirts of the island.

Nexon Computer Museum

Nexon Computer Museum is the only computer museum in Korea. As world's first graphical online PC game inventors, Nexon and the museum pursue the theme of computer for gaming.


Seoyeon's House

Seoyeon's House is a beautifully designed modern house in movie Architecture 101 건축학개론. It is renovated into a cafe.


Genius Loci, Phoenix Island

Genius Loci is located at Phoenix Island, designed by Ando Tadao. The geometrically shaped architecture used elements of Jeju Island such as volcanic whinstone, local bushes, and sea, along with exposed concrete.

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