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IoT Solution for Baby Boom Generation ( 50-60 aged couple)

Coway IoT Design

2015.6 UX Research

The goal of this co-op project was to propose a future extensive and feasible system design using Coway's product lines. We used design methodologies and conducted various forms of user researches to examine our target audience. 

Funded by Coway Co., Ltd.

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Jihoon Suh
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Role - Project Lead

I served as the team lead to direct and manage our co-op team for this project. Along with overseeing the entire design process, I took main roles in ideation, secondary research, design methodologies, analysis, wireframing, UI design, and editorial design.


How can we design Internet of Things system for the Baby Boom Generation with Coway Healthcare Products?



target user

We specifically focused our research for the Baby Boom Generation of South Korea. The Baby Boom Generation refers to those in the age group of 50-60 years old. To start off, we have studied general demographics, average financial assets, regular family relationships, and historical events relevant to this age group through secondary research.


User Research Plan


We used the following user research plan to gather information, select design methods, and deploy primary research plans.


8 Design Methodologies

In order to understand and examine our target group we conducted 8 types of user tests, which are survey, interview, fly on the wall, digital inventory, experience sampling, participant observation, and focus group interview. We conducted these user tests and gathered the results to use for analysis and synthesis process of the ux research.

Gathering Insights

From the findings from the results of the tests we chose micro and macro insights. They were then used for Customer Journey MapCross Tabulation, and Affinity Diagram.

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result & Proposal

Designing smart iot solution for healthcare products through tailored user experience

In general, we defined the core topic of interest for our target users as healthy food(oriental medicines), outdoor activities, and social-gathering with clubs and their children. Our findings from the primary research methods indicated that the elder generations, as they are retiring and detaching from their children, lacked sense of belonging. Elder couple experienced significant decrease in social interaction as they are no longer attached to their family and work. Also they trusted rumors and recommendations of healthy food by their friends.



We propose an integrated IoT system design of Coway products, that promotes healthy life style for elderly couples through experience capturing, health monitoring, medical supply curation and subscription.




With the proposal, we also designed new products for Coway : Smart Tumbler, Coway App, and Coordinator Solution. These products are important part of the IoT system that we propose and are linked to one another to best curate, inform, and guide our target users for physically & socially healthy lifestyle.


Editorial Design

  Editorial Design for Proposal Book