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Smart Name Tag for Posture Awareness


2015.9 Product + Mobile

Almost all employees of corporate have employee cards for convenience of security, work hour monitoring. And most of them, with prolonged sedentary work hours, are under the threat of Forward Head Posture. In a shape of ID tag, Entag allows the user to monitor his or her posture at any time. 

Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch3, Rhino, Arduino, SLA

2015 KAIST Social Problem-Solving Competition Winner
2015 Defence Startup Competition Grand Prize


Jihoon Suh - Product Designer
Yongdae Kim - HW/SW Engineer

Role - Product & UI Designer

I worked with a partner who specialized in hardware and software implementation of Entag prototype and Android App. My task as the designer included form exploration, 3D modeling, post-processing, wireframing, UI design, and narrative-building.



This project was designed as a possible application of Korean Patent 10-2014-0128040 (Vibratory Gyroscope by Electrostatic Field, Agency for Defense Development), and selected as a winner for the 2015 Defence Startup Competition (hosted by Defence Acquisition Program Administration). 




Long work hour in office environment cause Forward Head Posture.  Forward Head Posture is a posture problem usually found in office workers due to extended use of computers and cellphones, lack of developed back muscle strength. We present Entag, a smart name tag for sitting posture correction. By using gyro sensor and low bluetooth energy pairing, the user can monitor and track his/her neck posture during work hours. Also with bluetooth device, security doors and computers can be automatically authorised even in low proximity.


Demo Video

Prototyping process

After sufficient amount of sketches, I modeled and printed the prototype using a SLA 3D printer. Then I post-processed the material with sand-blast and painted the prototype.  RFduino module, coin battery and generic gyro-sensor was inserted in the prototype.